CollectTech Solutions

Your entire staff succeeds with Wincollect:

  • The manager gains control over how accounts will be worked.
  • The collector gets accounts in the optimum timeframe.
  • The manager views real time month-to-date revenue reports.
  • The client services manager has client payments in detail, summarized for monthly processing.
  • The systems admin can focus on new client requests, since daily workflows have been handled.
  • The client (with permission) accesses updates through the web portal.
  • All users benefit from ease of use, automation of daily routines, and better servicing the client.
Industries We Serve:

  • Collection Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Other Medical Collections
  • Student Loan Collections
  • Finance Companies
  • Debt Buyers
  • Government Collection Divisions
  • Law Firms

Put Wincollect to Work for You:

  • Premise (on-site) or hosted (online)
  • Use it “out of the box” or customize
  • Enhance your professional operations
  • view a video demoschedule live demo