SEO and site tuning works for collection agencies

SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization”. It will help prospective customers find your web site when they are searching for a collection agency.
You may have spent a good deal of money designing your web site just a few years ago, but it may not be designed well by Google’s standards. Google ranks your web site using a formula that considers content, activity on your site, how many other web sites refer to your site (referred to as “backlinks”), and frequency of updates on your site.
What are the keywords that your prospects will use to find your business? The keywords emphasize your specific market expertise and location. For example: “Boston medical collection agency” of “medical collections” may be keywords that need to be strategically positioned on your main page.
Each Google search results page includes organic search results (free to those who appear and based primarily on SEO attributes) and are listed separately from paid advertisements (Pay-Per-Click ads that cost firms money each time they are clicked).
If you want to develop your website’s SEO on your own, we recommend starting here:
• Google Webmaster Guidelines
• Google 101: How Google crawls, indexes and serves the web.
However, if your time is better spent running your business, not climbing the learning curve for online marketing and working on getting enough links to your site, etc., let a pro define and direct your website efforts. Even if you love your current web site, not only improving its SEO will get you ranked higher in free Google searches, but a marketing firm that understands “site conversion” can help your website turn those new visitors into qualified leads (people who will fill in forms or call you so you know who they are and what they’re looking to do).
Site tuning (for conversion) can deliver results quickly. SEO for Google search is a deliberate process where results are not immediate, but within 3 months you will begin to move up in ranking and in 6 months you could find yourself on the first page.
How many more visitors might you get each month if you also invest to get a first page listing? What is each new customer who “converts” from just being a visitor to becoming an identified lead worth to you? Once you have these two approaches working in your favor, you’ll be able to impress them when writing about the services that you offer.
When planning your marketing budget, creating and improving your website should be at the top of your list. We’ve used an online marketing firm to do the same for our website and know, first hand, that website ranking and site conversion can greatly help any firm generate more business. Don’t let more time go by where your use of the Internet is less than your business deserves. Get the ball rolling on this today.


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