Virtual agent could be the answer!

Some collection agencies have employed virtual agents with success. Some start with a few select agents, others have a balanced approach with a number inside and some virtual. Ohers have totally gone the virtual route.
The fear of having remote agents comes from the sense of losing control. Some people need constant and visible supervision, but the best performers will perform well in either environment. In fact, some agencies will start the virtual agent “experiment” when their best collector goes on maternity leave or some other life event occurs requiring them to work from home.
Not wanting to lose a good performer, the agency management decides to accommodate their employee and set up remote access. Most often the virtual is a great success, because they were responsible and effective inside the office.
Technology provides a number of features that provide the necessary control. The software system will allow you to monitor the productivity. The communication system, either phone system or predictive dialer system, will provide the ability to monitor calls and conference calls when a supervisor is required. The collector signs into their queue and works accounts much the same as they would from their office desktop.
The technology required for the virtual agent is simply a desktop or laptop computer, network software, a reasonably fast internet connection and a headset. The collector can communicate with the supervisor via messaging or email or by voice. The virtual agent can sign in at scheduled times that are mutually convenient.
The virtual agent does not require office space and since you only pay them for the time they are signed in to the system there is no down time. The key is employing remote agents that will perform well without the visible supervision. Performance reviews are the same for the virtual collector as they are for the inside collector.
If the collector makes their quota and performs professionally you have a “win-win” for you and your collector. Your employee eliminates the daily commute and you reclaim or avoid the cost of office space.
A good supervisor will adapt to having remote agents. As long as the revenue stream is consistent everyone benefits.